Internationally active

With our fresh vegetable products from the local region, we also export to the "European Union" and the UK (England, Ireland). We rely on a fresh product range with our own gardeners and long-standing partners who grow on our behalf and in our high quality concept.

We pack everything!

Carrots come to the customer in a variety of packaging - just as it is desired and needed.
Be it loose, hand-laid, in stretch film, in flow packs, in bags or sacks. Thanks to state-of-the-art packaging technology, we can flexibly meet almost all customer requirements and guarantee that these goods reach the customer fresh, healthy and tasty in every packaging.

Tailored for you!

We can be your powerful "private label partner" in market launch and product presentation. Based on your ideas, we develop high-quality containers for you that leave nothing to be desired.
We not only pay attention to the packaging, but also to its design and materials.